September 21, 2016

Craft Show Recap

As I mentioned previously, I had a crafts festival this past weekend in Sharon Springs. this is the 5th (?) time I have done this festival. The past few years, they have designated a street where Etsy sellers set up their tents, and it's a juried location. The show in general is not juried, but to get into the Etsy village, you have to apply. The traffic I have found, is legitimately better in this area, than in other parts of the show. So  I was pleased to get a spot. 

We were one of the first people there. There was a bit of confusion in the beginning because the vendors spots weren't mapped out ahead of time and the volunteer that arrived early to help set up, wasn't told to do this so we had to kind of wing it. I luckily convinced my husband to help me get the tent set up so we did that first and had to adjust it 2-3 spots to the left and right before we finally settled in after they figured out the numbered spots.

Set up went relatively easy. The weather for Saturday was perfect, sunny and warm and beautiful and even a little breezy but not too gusty.  Sunday was calling for 50% chance of rain showers so I was pretty disappointed to wake up to rain on Sunday but after I drove the hour to Sharon Springs, it had stopped raining and there was actually no rain all day Sunday. LUCKY!!

My tent was a bit dark due to the decision for a little extra rain protection - the big green tarp over the tent kept everything bone dry saturday night - VERY PLEASED with that. and I was pleased to have remembered to keep my table coverings up off the ground and nothing got wet. We were located on a street, and so the rain the night before does tend to seep in under the tent walls....

I got lots of great compliments all weekend, not only on my jewelry but also on my sewn bags, (sold a few project bags too!) and my knitting- the Camp Wilkerson shawl I was working on while at the show, and my Campside Shawl (on the bag of my chain there)  It is always kind of a renewing of faith when I do this shawl - the compliments keep me motivated to keep doing what I'm doing and the interaction with customers that I have seen year after year is so fun. A few ladies even showed up in my booth actually wearing jewelry they had bought the previous year!!

The jewelry rolls weren't the hit that I figured they'd be. People were more into looking at the jewelry inside the display model and people looked and loved the fabrics but no one really inquired about them at all.  I may take the few that I have made down to the museum gift shop where they carry some of my jewelry.

All in all- success.  I found it interesting that a lot of older stock is what sold at the show with exception of a few newer pieces but a lot of the stock that I had been making the last few weeks was left over after the show. SO, I have listed all of this jewelry in my online stores, be sure to check out both shops, Lorelei Eurto Jewelry on ETSY and Lorelei Eurto Jewelry webstore.

September 15, 2016

Fun with Copper Tubing

Well, this is embarrassing.

Yes I do realize it has been a while since I last blogged. I am sorry about this. I don't know why the blog is the first thing to get neglected when I get busy. You'd think it would be a nice outlet to share what I've been doing at a time that I have a lot of content but.....  it doesn't ever happen that way.

Instead, I forget about it and the blog languishes and now I probably don't have any followers left. Because what fun is it to follow a blogger that never blogs??

Today, I'm back. and I'm going to share with you some things I've been working on. I am getting ready for the annual Sharon Springs Harvest festival, happening this weekend Sept. 17-18 in Sharon Springs NY. I will be located in ETSY village, with all the other ETSY vendors, and am hoping to God it doesn't thunderstorm on Sunday like the forecast is saying. :/

Been trying to build up my stock for this show.... in between only want to knit on stuff or sew things.

But this week, I had a lot of fun with some copper riveting tube/wire that my friend Amy sent to me a while back in a big box of jewelry supplies she no longer wanted. I don't normally rivet with tubing, If I am to rivet, I usually use the little pre-made snap rivets from Tierra cast.

I cut the wire with my tin snips, and then re-rounded the end that gets smushed during the cutting. Then I used these bracelet making pliers to curve the tubing into a  bangle or bracelet shape.

These are the first batch I made. I like the versatility of this, because you can string wire or beading wire through the tube to attach the focal/clasp.  And then in a few of the others, I cut the tubing into smaller sections and now they act almost as beads where I strung them on beading wire with a few other focals/ beads. 

Then I did a few more and now the tubing is gone and I am sad. Til I can order more!!
The ones with the buttons as focals, turned out really well. I just used some copper wire I have on hand. The diameter of these is about 3.5 inches by 3 inches. I am hoping they'll be large enough for smaller handed individuals. Because, I have man hands. and These don't fit over my hands. 

I tend to like the ones like this ADMIT ONE bracelet, where I formed a hook clasp into one side of the wire, that hooks into one of the links on the bracelet focal allowing it to open up and fit over my wrist instead of acting like a slip on bangle.

If you're in the NY area, take a ride to Sharon Springs this weekend and stop in to say HI! I would love to see you. It's worth the trip. The show is really fantastic, over 250 vendors set up in the streets of this little sleepy town and you can even stop by the Beekman b.1802 shop and meet those famous Beekman boys!

August 30, 2016

Finished Object Post

Keeping busy around here, even though August has brought us the stickiest, humid weather and I have no air conditioning in my studio so these pieces represent the true tears and sweat as an independent designer. :)

I have been keeping busy on all fronts, building up stock for my upcoming September show, Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs NY Sept. 17-18. I have also done  a little bit of sewing. I do need to get my butt in gear and get a few more jewelry rolls sewn up for the show!! I already know how I am going to display them, and am pretty excited about that!

And of course I've been knitting, [pretty monogamously] on this shawl you see below. I just had the best time knitting it, and the yarn was so soft. Nothing fancy, some Knitpicks Swish DK weight which was probably less than $4 a ball. It took a solid 2 weeks to knit this from start to finish.

I am in love with it!

These jewelry pieces shown are all available either in my ETSY shop or WEBSTORE, right now!!

Hope you're all having a great week! I am hoping to record a new podcast episode today!
Stay tuned for that!

August 16, 2016


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August 15, 2016

Polka Dotted Monday

I don't normally work on the weekends but yesterday, Sunday, I had some time to sew up another jewelry roll for my shop. I had so much fun pulling together some polka dotted coordinating materials from my stash. A new addition- little wood tags that in the past, I had used as jewelry tags, but I believe they work even more perfectly on my sewing projects! 

This dotted fabric is from Cotton & Steele, one of my favorite fabric companies. 

The interior is a teal and white dotted fabric, and a mint and white circle fabric. I used another strip of faux leather earring trim in a lighter metallic color. The end zippered pocket is a bit bigger than my other bags have been. 

It's like my domed tin earrings were MEANT for this bag!!  If you order this jewelry roll from my shop, I will include a pair of earrings as a thank you!

Pocket in action!! Stash away your bangles, some rings, or any other travel accessories.

Time to start thinking about other storage rolls for other things like maybe jewelry tools! 
Or smaller rolls that would store JUST bracelets, or JUST necklaces. What would you like to see offered?

August 10, 2016


I created another jewelry roll yesterday as I was waiting for the Bat guy to show up at my house, AGAIN. Every August it seems we have bats that get into our house. This time, it's in the vent, and now currently it's trapped inside my furnace. Not cool. He's coming back this morning to get it out of there, hopefully.

I love how this roll turned out. I used some heavy duty thicker home decor fabric from Joann's and paired with these mustard color and Black and white cotton fabrics from Cotton & Steele. I loved the salvage edge, and decided to keep it visible along one edge. It reads Measure Twice Cut Once, and shows a little black cat, and fox.

I included an antiqued brass zipper in a brown color that can hold lots of different things, bangles, or rings. The leather earring trim is a metallic gold color and I used Tierra Cast snap rivets to attach it to the fabric.

 Pockets below the earring trim allow longer earrings to be protected.

 Twill tape along the top is what bracelets and necklaces are attached to, and large pockets below protect longer pieces.

 Once rolled, it's secured in place with elastic loops on the top and bottom.

The color palette of this one is my favorite of the ones I've made so far! This one is available in my webstore.

August 4, 2016

New Work :: Week of Aug 1

Some new pieces from this week! 
Pretty and simple hammered wire earrings featuring simple stones.
 And a couple of zippered bags to hold all of your essentials.

 The awesome SkinnyLaMinx fabric above was some that I snagged on a recent trip to Burlington VT getaway with my husband. I paired it with this fun colorful bird fabric from Joann's.

 This one features some vintage Strawberry linen and solid natural linen lining- extra squishy and perfect for knitting, crochet projects, or anything you can think of. Throw in your kindle,
a novel, sunglasses and head to the beach.

 A fun design I keep repeating because, well, I just love it!
This one features a Green Girl Studio bird, some vintage lucite, and 
bright yellow Czech glass beads.

July 21, 2016

Jewelry Travel Rolls

I have struggled for years with travelling and not having an adequate storage solution for taking jewelry with me on a trip.  I normally would throw a few pieces into a zippered pouch but once there would be spending time untangling them all in order to wear any of it!

Since I have started sewing, I have tried a few different jewelry roll storage patterns but have not been happy. Either they are too small,  especially for my larger statement necklaces, or they require extra fiddly bits such as bias tape, which I have yet to master.

So I sat down and scoured Pinterest for jewelry rolls and noted each of the elements of certain storage solutions that I really liked. 
Like loops to attach necklaces to, that will allow the neckalces to hang straight down, keep each one separate from another.
 Pockets that the necklace can fit down into to protect the focal.  A place for earrings. And a zippered pouch that would hold rings, bangles or whatever else you had to bring on a trip.  A flap that kind comes down over the necklaces to protect them during the rolling process.

 And elastic loops instead of a ribbon to tie around the roll.  My jewelry roll came out pretty great. This owl roll is the prototype of my pattern. I created it bigger, 14 inches tall by about 20 inches long. But once it's rolled up, it's quite a manageable size.

While shopping for some supplies at Joann's I eyed a spool of this leather type material with holes and thought that might make a great earring solution especially with the wholes- that could accommodate stud style earrings.  I feared that they would poke through the fabric but have since discovered that if you attach the earring up through the hole, back to front , as the fabric rolls up over the earrings, it will protect the each posts, preventing any posts to poke through!!!
In this first roll, I attached that leather to the fabric but hand-sewing it with needle and thread and different intervals. Kinda tedious, I must admit. The pockets, below the earring bar, help protect longer dangly earring styles.

Here is the second Roll.

 Had been smart enough to jot down my fabric dimensions during the first try, but for some reason I guess I measured wrong because this one came out 18 inches long, instead of 20". Woops.

 Style and techniques all the same. I made sure to make the twill tape loops a little bit longer, for easier attachment with chunkier beaded pieces.

 I used an antique brass zipper instead of the first,  which was nylon.  The elastic loops- I actually forgot to attach and realized it after I had assembled and sewed up the whole thing. WOOPS. So I had to finagle them on and it worked out for the best.

 To combat the fiddly sewing of the earring leather, I chose this time to rivet it onto the fabric with Tierra Cast snap rivets. Worked out beautifully!! I love the finished look of this much better than the thread.

The zippered pouch is nice and roomy, even for bangles!  The best part of the roll is that once it's rolled up, nothing moves around inside, everything stays in one spot and nothing gets tangled during travel!

I hope to get a few more of these made up, but this colorful floral roll is available on my website now. I am hoping to have a few made to take with me to the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival that I will be participating at, in September in Sharon Springs, NY.